The Wrensilva Loft: Mid-Century Style, This Century Technology

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The Wrensilva Loft: Mid-Century Style, This Century Technology

Memories of my parents late 60s/early 70s mid-century stereo console came flooding back upon laying eyes on the Wrensilva Loft record console system. Combining the aesthetics of “then” with the technology of “now”, the Loft plays the part of tasteful throwback, one embellished by a list of wireless connectivity features that invites listeners to switch between the pleasures of analog to the convenience of digital streaming at the turn of a switch (or app).

Closed up, the Loft’s solid North American Walnut hardwood with gloss white acrylic detailing looks like a handsome side table.

The steel shelf below offers storage for up to 120 records; thoughtfully a capture tray is integrated for record brush, mobile device, and other small accessories.

Belying its compact size (28″W x 33″H x 18″D), the Loft is rated for 300 watts per channel delivered by the company’s own Wrensilva Class D output amp (featuring IcePower by Bang & Olufsen). The fully decoupled belt driven turntable keeps vibration at bay between motor and OA2 precision Gimbal tonearm tipped with an Ortofon 2m Red MM Cartridge, a welcome detail for the discerning aesthete audiophile.

And while vinyl may have entrenched itself as a popular audio medium again, San Diego-based Wrensilva astutely recognizes modern day listeners value flexibility in source material and output options. Thus, the Loft is equipped to play wirelessly with and through the SONOS line of speakers; an integrated Wi-Fi system for streaming online music services, internet radio stations, podcasts, etc. A 3.5mm audio jack keeps it old school, alongside a set of RCA inputs for connectivity with other older components requiring a cable connection.

Optional Wrensilva 2-way bass reflex speakers with LF Driver- 6″ Nomex cones and HF Driver- 1″ Textile domes complement the system in either white or black front finish.

The Wrensilva Loft doesn’t come cheap at $2,999 (and $1,499 extra for matching monitor speakers and stands), but factoring the system’s all-inclusive package, it might be the sort of splurge that lasts a lifetime.

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