Personalized, Wearable Sculpture Reflects the Wearer’s Data

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Personalized, Wearable Sculpture Reflects the Wearer’s Data

x.pose is a project by designers Xuedi Chen and Pedro G. C. Oliveira, examining the inextricable relationship between ourselves and our data. With the rapid innovation of smartphones and wearable tech, many individuals unconsciously agree to give services such as Google or Facebook large amounts of personal data. With all that information, Google can paint a very clear portrait of their users.

x.pose wearable sculpture-1

x.pose is a personalized piece of wearable sculpture that reflects the data of the wearer in real time. The designers also created a mobile app and server that collects data from the wearer’s smartphone and connects to an Arduino, which controls the actual sculpture.

x.pose wearable sculpture-2

The wearable sculpture is made out of 3D printed flexible mesh with a layer of reactive displays. These 20 hand-cut reactive displays expose the wearer’s skin as more of the wearer’s data emissions are connected. As more of your data is collected, the more exposed you are – literally and figuratively. Meaning, the sculpture changes opacity exposing the user’s skin as a real-time reflection of the data that the wearer is producing.

x.pose wearable sculpture-3

Watch how it works in the video below:

Does x.pose make you think more about the technology you use on an everyday basis?

Photos by Roy Rochlin.

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