The XOCO Chocolate 3D Printer

One of the more enticing propositions from the realm of 3D printing comes by way of Dutch design studio Michiel Cornelissen Ontwerp with their XOCO 3D printer, a creative culinary tool that falls somewhere between app controlled device and kitchen appliance, using the most agreeable medium of chocolate as “ink”.

Utilizing a polar coordinate system with a rotating build plate and a single pillar from which the printhead and chocolate containing pod are suspended, the compact printer is capable outputting countless designs. Under the glass cloche sits a multi-color LED ring base designed to guide the user through the printing process. Targeting innovative restaurants and homes with hobbyist cooks looking for the novel and new device for culinary exploration, don’t be surprised if one day soon a portion of our diets will be handled and presented by much more advance iterations of food grade 3D printers.




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