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As far as dog bowls go, I jumped on the stainless steel train several years ago and haven’t looked back — they’re classy, durable, safe, and so darn easy to keep clean. My one complaint – that they can scoot around too easily on tile or hardwood floors – seems like it would be a non-issue with this monster from YETI, the Boomer 8. This puppy weighs two pounds empty (nothing to sneeze at) and boasts the BearFoot™ Non-Slip Ring on the bottom to prevent slippin’ and slidin’. The Boomer 8 is also double-walled (non-insulated), BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and even customizable. Check it out at YETI.


Katherine, who lives with her family in the mountains of North Carolina, curated her own dog blog for a couple of years before joining the Design Milk team. If she ever won the lottery, she’d most definitely spend it all on live music & airfare to New York City. Other interests include craft beer, banjos, books, & BBQ.