Yves Béhar Designs a Line of High-Quality Prefabs Called LivingHomes YB1

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Yves Béhar Designs a Line of High-Quality Prefabs Called LivingHomes YB1

Tiny home options continue to grow in popularity thanks to high housing costs and lack of space for new ones to be built. California especially falls into this category causing great interest in building Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) to rent out for extra income or for aging parents, adult children, students, or someone just starting out. Thanks to updates to California’s housing laws, new design ideas are popping up, including a collaboration between Swiss designer Yves Béhar and Plant Prefab that’s bringing LivingHomes YB1 to life. LivingHomes YB1 was recently unveiled at the Summit festival in Los Angeles displaying an example of high-quality, design-focused prefab and what’s possible for the future.

We are incredibly excited to partner with Yves Béhar on his first home product for a really critical, fast growing segment in housing: ADUs/Tiny Homes. Yves is one of the top designers in the world and the YB1, the first in a line of LivingHomes he’s designed for us, reflects the incredible attention to form and functionality and ecological footprint that he brings to all products he develops.

– Plant Prefab CEO Steve Glenn

The inaugural model, the YB1, proves that customization and functionality are possible as it’s based on a Béhar-designed system that can accommodate different roof lines, various sizes, window layouts, and interior modifications. There are three versions of the YB1 currently available, each with different floor plans and roof systems. The YB1 design is based on a 4′ grid system which allows for a range of sizes from 250 to 1200 square foot units.

The interior details are just as flexible and can be configured to include a full kitchen, bathroom with a shower, living room, and a bedroom or office, with owner-selected appliances and finishes to round it out. Along with the included appliances, the YB1 includes the HVAC, a TV by Samsung, lighting by FLOS, and state-of-the-art smart home technology that pushes this tiny dwelling out in front of most others available on the market.

The units are constructed at Plant Prefab’s facility in about a month and installed on-site in one day. The current YB1 model runs for about $280,000 but future LivingHomes will come under $100,000 as more affordable options.

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