Zaror House in Chile by Jaime Bendersky Arquitectos

11.26.10 | By
Zaror House in Chile by Jaime Bendersky Arquitectos

The Zaror House by Jaime Bendersky Arquitectos shows a great juxtaposition of massive elements made of concrete that seem to float and be in perfect balance. The right mix of materials — concrete, glass and wood — creates a warm feeling, nothing cold or austere.

The reflection pools bring additional images to the floor and keep the temperatures down during hot summer days. The massive, floating planters, makes the whole structure feel lighter. The sun rays bathe the interior in almost a surreal pattern, due in part of the circular openings on the roof panels and the wooden blinds.

Architects: Jaime Benderesky Architects
Location: Santiago, Chile
Year Completed: 2009
Area: 8869 square feet
Materials: Concrete, aluminum, glass and wood
Photos: Pablo Henriquez Palma

[via Plataforma Architectura]