ZigZagZurich Releases New 2019 Artist Cotton Blankets

Swiss textile brand ZigZagZurich is back with a new round of artist-designed cotton blankets that continue exploring the Bauhaus era. Marking the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus, the brand is expanding their Bauhaused series of blankets for Spring/Summer 2019 with a few new global artists, including creative studio Byzance, Brighton-based artist Alison Mc Kenna, and Canadian designer Catherine Lavoie, as well as previously featured Mexican artist Daniel Barreto and ZigZagZurich’s Creative Director, Michele Rondelli. The latest blankets feature shapes and colors meant to evoke feelings of happiness with nature and summertime themes.

Bauhaused 6 by Sophie Probst

Bauhaused 7 by Sophie Probst

Bojagi 1 by Michele Rondelli

Bojagi 2 by Michele Rondelli

Charleston by Alison Mc Kenna

Farley 1 by Alison Mc Kenna

Farley 2 by Alison Mc Kenna

Mainstream by Catherine Lavoie

The Yellow Orange by Catherine Lavoie

Wash Up 1 by Michele Rondelli

Wash Up 2 by Michele Rondelli

Tripoli by Byzance

Corinth 2 by Byzance

Corinth 1 by Byzance

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