Zimarty Turns the Face Mask Into Wearable Architecture With zMask

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Zimarty Turns the Face Mask Into Wearable Architecture With zMask

Los Angeles-based Zimarty specializes in that sweet spot at the intersection of small-scale architecture and technology with a focus on materials and wearable architecture. Founded in 2014 by the husband and wife team of Ziba Esmaeilian and Maysam Ghaffari, the design studio creates 3D-printed jewelry that’s bold and innovative, and most definitely, stops traffic. The same can be said for their zMask – a fashionable face mask that meets CDC guidelines for COVID-19** and still allows you to express your personality even when masked up.

Inspired by origami design principles, the zMask features a 3D folded structure that rests around the mouth while offering more space to breathe and talk. The faceted structure helps reduce irritation around the mouth that typical masks cause, while also protecting the lining from messing up your makeup or getting stained.

Zimarty studied paper folding techniques in order to land on the right geometry and form. Along the way, they discovered a washable paper material that easily folds up to keep clean and to store in a pocket when not in use.

The washable zMask is made of lightweight, biodegradable natural fiber with three filler holes on each side that are made using three layers of breathable, non-woven fabric. We all know that no two faces are alike, which means masks can’t be a one-size-fits-all model. The zMask features an adjustable nose clip to keep it in place, while the mask itself and the ear loops are adjustable to achieve a better fit.

zMasks can be sterilized simply by hand washing them with soap and hanging them up to dry after each use.

** not intended to use for professional or a medical purpose

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