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“Smiling couple with painting materials.” That’s the name of this stock photo. I can guarantee you that in this hypothetical situation, this is the first time this couple has ever tackled a home improvement project. In fact, they might look all happy and smiley, but inside they might have some other opinions about each other and the project. You can call this “Couple Speak.”

In my house, Couple Speak usually starts with a loud “Oops!” or “Uh-oh!” heard form the other room. I rush into the room only to discover THIS. Yes, that was once my family room wall. A colorful and hilarious conversation ensues that would be priceless if ever recorded on video.

Well, what if you could win $5,000 by acting out your silly DIY conversation? It’s possible, if you enter the 3M Couple Speak Video Contest. Turn your communication comedy into a funny 2-minute video skit and upload it to the 3M Facebook page. 3M would prefer you keep their products out of your video, as they want it to be completely authentic. When you complete your submission form, you’ll be asked to select one of five 3M products that would have helped you and your partner avoid the miscommunication.

If you’re a little camera shy, you could still win $250 by entering the weekly translation sweepstakes. Know a home renovating couple whose DIY downfalls could score them some extra cash? Make sure to share the contest with them on Facebook or Twitter.