7 Necessities is Dutch jewelry designer Atelier Ted Noten‘s answer to what every woman needs in her very own survival kit, to make it under any possible circumstance. Items that will let her “be her own man” while not having to sacrifice her femininity. A variety of 3D-printed nylon objects and accessories aren’t meant so much to wear but more to be thought provoking.

The Trophy Helmet (first image) is made for the woman on the hunt by displaying her valuable possessions and tools to help find eternal love, like a radar device and a telescope.

Beauty Mask is a mask replica of Nefertiti’s face with tiny holes to allow for Botox injections. If that doesn’t work, it holds a “golden suicide pill” as a last resort.

Chatelaine holds functional and decorative items that every woman needs, such as a portable “urination device” and a credit card fan to show your wealth. Contains 12 different items to personalize to your own needs.

This Chastity Belt isn’t your typical chastity belt that prevents sexual activity, this one is used for seduction to possibly entice the spectator.

The Purse of Wonders opens to display everything you might need like sperm whale oil to help with wrinkles, lipstick, drug paraphernalia, a wedding ring, and a crystal ball.

Purse of wonders – open

Glasses for a Woman on the Warpath are spyglasses for, well, anyone on the warpath. Featuring hidden compartments, a crystal ice pick, and a golden eyebrow.

Dior 002 Gun, The White Edition, is “the weapon of beauty” loaded with everything a woman might need to survive a battle between the sexes. The gun hides a thumb drive, Dior lip gloss, a sparkling diamond, and various white pills.

Dior 002 Gun, The White Edition – open

Photos courtesy of Atelier Ted Noten.