SODA presents designer Meriç Kara’s first solo exhibition A Domestic Schizophrenic Project, in which she designed a series of multi-personality “pots” that transfer the features and habits of plants into interior spaces. The designs were manufactured by First Concept and made with DuPont™ Corian®. The pots reflect their nature in a manner, which are harmonious with the ecology of the plants.

From the designer:

We like to bring nature to our homes. We put fish in bowls, birds in cages, still-life paintings on walls. We hang down plants from balconys so that they wrap and hide the buildings. We try to give them back the space we’ve stolen from them.

We know that plants blossom in cotton, on grass men and sometimes on the whole surface of a building. They crack through concrete or if you talk sweetly, they grow faster and happier. “A Domestic Schizophrenic Project” focuses on domestic plants in this context. The idea derived from the will to transfer the relation of greenery with water and the features and habits of plants into interior spaces, forming a series of “pots” with multiple personalities.

Some designs took shape out of need, some from nature and some from the search for innovation. Some fancied to be a like a painting on a wall and some were just no longer able to keep their naïve aspirations inside…