parallel 26 yellow

Artist Anne Lindberg creates abstract drawings and installations made from graphite and colored thread that are both rhythmic and mesmerizing.

Her graphite drawings are made up of parallel lines of graphite and often involving colored pencil as well. They are intense and full of energy and almost remind me of heartbeats or sound waves on paper.

parallel 27 green

motion drawing 11

motion drawing 14

Lindberg’s thread drawings (below) are made by using strings of colorful rayon thread that are vertically strung creating beautiful linear works that are studies in color and also show her unbelievable patience that it took to do each one.

thread drawing 08

thread drawing 08 (detail)

thread drawing 07

thread drawing 03

thread drawing 06

Speaking of patience, her room-sized installations feature thousands of thread strands that are thoughtfully attached to the walls, creating a mind-blowing optical feast for your eyes.

andante green

drawn pink