The following post is brought to you by Marvin Windows and Doors. Our partners are hand-picked by the Design Milk team because they represent the best in design.

Marvin Windows and Doors has long been helping homeowners create their dream homes with its Built around you® approach to made-to-order manufacturing. Marvin knows the importance of having a home that reflects your style, and of course, color is a crucial piece of the style puzzle.

You’ve seen my sliding doors project, so you know how flexible they are in terms of design. But could you imagine if I opted for hot pink doors? Well, actually, I could have… Marvin’s “Any Color You Want” program celebrates that quest for personal style by offering—you guessed it—any color you want for the finish on the strong, durable extruded aluminum exterior cladding of your windows and doors.

If you’re ready to start creating your dream home (even if it has hot pink exterior doors and windows!), try some of the free planning tools Marvin offers, such as a product designer and a new iPad app that lets you find the inspiration you need to start making your dreams come true.

Speaking of inspiration AND color, I asked a few designers to share some of their thoughts about color, and paired up some colorful images with super bold Marvin exterior doors and windows.

“How we color our windows can dramatically affect the lighting and feel inside our homes. Lighter colors will make windows feel bigger and brighter, while darker colors make them feel smaller and less vibrant. Avoiding both extremes, warmer colors that blend with their surroundings will give your home a comfortable, cozy feeling.” COLOURlovers
(check out the Marvin palette we created)

Interior by Jamie Bush + Marvin Special Shape Window

“Color trumps all of design elements so use it strategically!! I like to use a bold color on a major piece of furniture for a element of surprise, small pops of color can tend to look fussy and timid. If your going to do it then GO FOR IT!” Jamie Bush

Saguaro Hotel by Stamberg Aferiat Architecture + Marvin Ultimate Inswing Arch Top French Door

“Use color simultaneously boldly and with restraint. Choose bold colors, but use them with discretion. Here we chose a very bold color, but kept the hearth natural stone and the walls behind the fireplace white.” —Paul Aferiat + Peter Stamberg, Stamberg Aferiat Architecture

My favorite part of that quote was that the architects sent it to me in bold red!

nhow Berlin Hotel interior by Karim Rashid + Marvin Ultimate Casement Window

“Color is life and for me, color is a way of dealing with and touching our emotions, our psyche, and our spiritual being. Some colors are strong, some are soft, – what is important is the specific hue or tint or saturation of each color and how they work together. Color can be used well or poorly but no one should be afraid of color. It is spiritual phenomelogical euphoria. Use color to express yourself. Don’t be afraid of that bright orange chair. Paint your wall lime-green… Color is beautiful and it’s all about self-expression. Be yourself.” Karim Rashid

Viceroy Hotel bathroom by Kelly Wearstler + Marvin Ultimate Casement Round Top Window

“Color is EVERYTHING!” Kelly Wearstler (via Twitter!)

House in Torres Vedras by Pedro Gadanho + Marvin Ultimate Double Hung Windows

“Anyone who knows me knows I looove COLOR! Bright color is such a fantastic way to make your home a unique reflection of you. When pairing colors, I frequently revert back to the basics. Using Color Theory and the Color Wheel is a great way to help you figure out what works well together. For dramatic and striking color combos, use colors opposite each other on the wheel. If you want a more subtle look, choose colors that are directly next to each other; analogous colors like Red and Orange or Orange and Yellow.” David Bromstad