Built in the Texas Hill Country, the Cascading Creek House, designed by the Bercy Chen Studio, combines sustainability with modern technology and design. Despite its almost 12,000-square-foot size, the low-profile home goes against the Texas norm of large suburban houses that are typical of the area.

The house was built with the landscape in mind and uses two long limestone walls — native to the area — that serve as the “spines” of the separate living wings. The public and private wings cantilever from a single column to allow for maximum daylight and views to the pool and grounds. Despite having a sloping roof, each space increases in volume from the initial entryway as you move through each wing and step down to the next room.

The house incorporates multiple methods to make it green including the roof collected rainwater, solar energy through photovoltaic and hot water panels, and a comprehensive climate conditioning system.

Photographs by Paul Bardagjy and Ryan Michael.