Russian product designer Ekaterina Vagurina is working on a new collection of designs that use concrete as a main material.


Dobrobox is a cutlery box made of a fiber-concrete with a wooden top. You can slide the wooden top horizontally and inside you’ll find spots for four types of a cutlery: spoon, knife, fork and small spoon. I like the cute fork/spoon cutout design on the wooden top.




Dobrostol is a bed tray table that can be used in a variety of ways. First, of course, eating in bed or sitting on a sofa. It could also be used as a laptop tray. There are two recesses on the right side for a cup of coffee and cutlery/napkins (or pens, etc in the case of a laptop tray). The removable tray box underneath could be used for additional storage, or dirty dishes.