I got word of Drew Tyndell via Lauren Gregg and I have to admit that I’m eying a piece for my own home. Coincidentally, Caroline had just been corresponding with Drew (great minds!), and he sent over some of his newly photographed pieces for publication.

His new series, called “Repair,” is a study of homes and buildings under construction.

Drew’s main inspiration was his father’s career as an architect, which he merged with street art to create these fantastic pieces.

And here is some of his older stuff that we love, too:

Cabin Study 2


The pieces are kinda Bauhaus, or should I say Bau-house (har har).

Based in Atlanta, Drew uses blocks of wood pieced together and paints the surface – they remind me of childhood puzzles. More recently, he’s been exploring landscapes and houses.

House in the Woods

Cabin Study 4

Beach House 2