British-Japanese designer Reiko Kaneko pushes the boundaries when it comes to fine bone china. Gone away are traditional figurines or your grandmother’s not-so-exciting tea set, and replaced with beautiful, modern designs, oftentimes inspired by her Japanese heritage. Now back to that tea set… The Drip Tease collection might be a classic looking tea set in form, but this one has a bit of a contemporary twist.

Drip Tease teapot in gold

Each piece in the set comes complete with playful drips of “tea” represented in precious gold and platinum. So while normal drips are usually unwanted, these are fancy little details that you’ll want to embrace.

Drip Tease milk jug in gold / Drip Tease milk jug in platinum

Drip Tease mug in gold

Drip Tease cup and saucer in gold

Drip Tease sugar bowl in platinum

Drip Tease sugar bowl in gold