D/Struct is a project and installation by Lucas Maassen & Raw Color that consists of 60 collected plastic items subjected to hammers and blenders, and brutally destroyed, reduced to tiny particles of their former selves.

With music and film being adapted formed for digital consumption, Lucas Maassen and Raw Color decided to research how a physical product can function in a digital environment, how one could acquire it via digital structures, and what opportunities it might offer the consumer.

Using 3D scanning and printing techniques, they exhaustively detached the object’s design from the material it was made of.

Each item is bagged and coded with a QR code and put on display. In the exhibition, you can scan a QR code to discover what the item used to be.

Watch a video of one of the items being “D/struct-ed”:

You can actually buy the destroyed items in the D/struct webshop. The buyer receives a complete 3D-scan of the chosen object along with the package, so that you can discover and observe what the item you’ve purchased actually used to be.

D/struct will be presented at Object Rotterdam 2012 together with MU Gallery Eindhoven February 9-12, 2012.

Credits: D/struct is made possible thanks to MU. Coen van Leeuwen and Pieter Jan Boterhoek photography and process. Remon van den Eijnden development of QR-code scanner.