Debuting this weekend at Dwell on Design is Dwell Patterns, a new line of tile from Heath Ceramics and Dwell Media.

This new modular tile system is the result of a successful collaboration between Chris Deam (designer, architect, and husband to Lara Hedberg Deam, founder of Dwell Media) and Catherine Bailey (Co-founder and Creative Director of Heath Ceramics along with husband Robin Petravic). Separately, two halves of successful power couples; together, a dynamic design duo.

Above, clockwise from top left: Little Diamond Mix shown in one color, Tropics Blue; Wide Hex Stack shown in one color, Bright Yellow; Half Hex Mix shown in Shade, Shade Light & New Chamois; Custom Installation shown in Paprika, Campari Red & New Chamois.

The collection comprises three tile shapes: Half Hex, Wide Hex, and Little Diamond. These three tiles give rise to an endless combination of layout, pattern and color possibilities. They are all so beautiful that I can’t choose a favorite.

The new line will be available as of August 1st and only directly through Heath Ceramics and prices will range from $20-$40/square foot.

Above: Wide Hex Twist shown in two colors, Canvas & Vanilla Bean (left) and Half Hex Stack shown in two colors, Shade & Shade Light (right).