Ever since I told you about the Lexus Fresh Perspectives project, I’ve been waiting for the day when I could show you the videos in which all the artists reveal the art pieces they created. It was exciting to get a sneak peek, but that was just a taste of what was actually created. Today is the day!

To refresh your memory: Lexus has recruited six young artists from different mediums (painter, chef, singer, sculptor, photographer, and men’s fashion designer) and asked them to create two original works based on three themes: Challenge, Empower, and Escape. Each piece must challenge the common perceptions of the theme. But there’s more to this challenge: they only have 24 hours house to create each piece. Lexus followed each of them around with cameras to capture the process of creation.

Two weeks ago, we began profiling and interviewing the artists to share their work with you. So far, we’ve talked to clothing designer Robert James, singer/musician V, and photographer Tod Seelie. Later this week, we will hear from painter Augustine Kofie. And next week, Craig Thorton and Jeff Nishinaka.

Now that the Escape and Challenge videos are up on freshperspectives.msn.com, here are links to the video reveals from the artists we’ve already profiled:


Tod Seelie: No Man’s Land

Robert James: Means of Escape


Tod Seelie: Farthest Reaches

V: Into The Groove

Robert James: Great Coat

What do you think about what’s been created in 24 hours?

See more at freshperspectives.msn.com and stay tuned for more artist interviews and reveals over the next two weeks.

Design Milk has partnered with Lexus on Fresh Perspectives, a series that highlights work by six artists from different disciplines. Each artist created two pieces of art based on three themes — Challenge, Empower, and Escape — and each piece was made within 24 hours. Thanks to Lexus, this project not only supports art but also helps support Design Milk’s efforts to promote emerging artists.