This week’s installment of Friday Five highlights Antoine Roset, the great-great-grandson of the founder of French furniture house Ligne Roset (whose name was also Antoine Roset). Roset, who grew up in Lyon, now lives in New York, and as the Executive VP of Roset USA, oversees the company’s North American division. As a lifelong witness to and key player in this long-standing family business (his father and uncle are the co-owners), Roset has spent more time than most absorbing good design. Let’s see what he admires, shall we?

1. Google
The Google search engine is probably the best thing that happened to Internet. It easy to use, fast, and free. It has been perfectly created for our modern time.

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2. Porsche 993
I am a big fan of cars and this one is just perfect. A timeless design, a powerful engine, and the best car enginery, all combined to create a pure product of desire.

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3. Corsica, Punta di Castagna
This place is a piece of paradise. It’s as though time has stopped here; the view is extraordinary and people are real. It is relaxing and refreshing, far from everything, but provides the basic necessities.

4. Ingo Maurer
In my opinion, the best lighting designer. His lamps are pieces of art and the details are divine. Poetic and modern, each piece combines a great know how of the best technology and real sense of creativity and design.

5. Persol PO0714 Crystal Suprema
These sunglasses are a real part of Italian design history. More than an object of comfort, this model is really a true timeless piece of design.