We’ve featured products by industrial designer David Fox numerous times: Kruze lounge chair, Kavern bed, and Pollen seating system. His pieces are refined and distinctly geometric. As a former graffiti artist with a background in automotive design, we were interested to see just what makes this award-winner tick. His Friday Five reveals a mix of basics, classics, relaxation, and innovation.

1. Phi Phi Islands
The beautiful and tranquil Phi Phi Islands have to be one of my favorite places. Despite natural disasters that left many living in very basic non-consumerist facilities, the people always have smiles on their faces and are happy to share what little they have. I think this is a philosophy that the rest of the world should learn from. Life is not always about what you have, it’s about making the best of what you have got.

2. Pencils
As a designer this and a combination of little grey cells are where the creative journey always begins.

3. Nuna-Covered Shoe
This shoe was produced by a fashion designer friend of mine, Kirsten Avery, after seeing the collaboration with Camira and Nuna fabric. Camira kindly gave her pre-production sample lengths to experiment with, which created a fantastic three way collaboration.

4. Warren Platner Collection for Knoll
This is still my favorite collection of furniture. The design is refined to the hilt despite the facilities they had at the time. It boasts utter beauty and innovation. Its timeless elements will last forever.

5. Matchless G50 Racing Motorcycle
For me this embraces classic traditions. Like every great piece of furniture, architecture, and design, it has timeless elements that will be appreciated forever. Classic motorcycles also are close to my heart as my father and I used to race a sidecar, which is where my love of proportionally balanced design and engineering stemmed from.