Pia Wüstenberg can boast about a truly European background. Born to a German father and Finnish mother in Germany, she moved to England at age 15 for school, and then to Finland where she set up her first studio. Today the designer lives and works in London, though when we chatted with her, she was in India working on a new range of paper products. Other recent projects include a new collection of inventive paper furniture and gorgeous jewel-colored glass stacking vessels. She shows us her appreciation for paper and other pure materials in her Friday Five.

1. The Beauty in the Familiar
I really enjoy the graphic patterns on the inside of envelopes.

2. Paper Stationery
The different textures, nuts and bolts, rubber bands and clips, the sound of pen on paper, or the sharp edge of good scissors on paper satisfy all the senses.

3. The Potential of Things
Tools and materials that have the potential to be whatever you make them be—knitting needles, chop sticks, a weapon. The yarn can be knitted, crocheted, wrapped around, knotted.

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4. Random Patterns
When things are just left in their natural state, interesting patterns and transformations happen.

5. Street Art
The public spaces we share are full of traces of individuals.