We recently rounded up some great kitchen upgrades that will modernize your kitchen, and one of the biggest ways to update your space is with appliances that have sleek, modern lines and industrial details.

A leader in appliances like GE is no stranger to making kitchens beautiful, having been at it for more than a century, and GE Monogram’s luxurious line of appliances takes that one step further by placing design and innovation on equal levels. Blending form and function, GE Monogram’s high-end luxury turns an ordinary kitchen into a well-oiled—and stylish—machine.

They’ve perfected the technology and structure of each appliance with supreme quality of engineering and award-winning technology—all designed to make your life easier so you can spend less time working in the kitchen and more time gathering with friends and enjoying the space.


Charles Eames said, “the details make the design.” GE Monogram has focused on design details that make a statement in the kitchen with hand-finished craftsmanship: industrial and modern handles, integrated designer feature options such as custom cabinet panels or integrated designs, and unseen yet standout eco-friendly modifications.


So whether you want your appliances to stand out and make a bold statement or blend in seamlessly with your kitchen, GE Monogram has you covered. Discover the full world of GE Monogram at monogram.com.