Property developers have knocked into our heads that you need at least two bathrooms for your home to be marketable. Well, I would not be surprised having a full outdoor set up will rank high on their new “must-have” list.

Why? Because over the past 5 years, ultra mainstream brand Electrolux has been spending a great amount of money designing super attractive cooking tools for outdoors (the word BBQ seems quite last century)!

Their latest design, a collaboration with landscape designer Jamie Durie, is a poster child for this trend in cooking. It is a complete countertop, mimicking the ones we know indoors, with a space to cook and a space for guests.

And before that, they had developed the award-winning Electrolux Integrated EQBH100AS barbecue, a perfect illustration of the new trend to actually integrate the cooking function into tables themselves…and keep them there year round. The module can be integrated as you wish to match your set up. When not in use, a cover makes it weatherproof.

And if you still convinced there is a pattern here they are also behind the architectural Jeppe Utzon barbecue created by Jeppe Utzon, the grandson of the legendary Jorn Utzon. It was most certainly the first architectural grill to appear on the market. It is designed as a true architectural feature…planned to stay out.

If I am right, this is going to be a costly trend, but at least the designs are exciting! It seems, however, that there isn’t any information about these pieces on the US, so they might not yet be available.