Solisombra is a new player in the outdoor market and I am happy to share this find because they offer more than just a new design in a narrow sense. I just discovered them and love their Orbis set. The bubbly shape is very on trend and the collection works with proportions making pieces suitable for those who have small outdoor spaces. All these are important considerations.

But what really surprised me was the way they construct their range. Instead of working the classic “lounge set” with tables, sofas and lamps, they have gone for benches, ceilings, floors, partitions and lattice! What that means is that you can truly construct a HUB of your own with the different elements, from walls to floors. This is a novel way of occupying and designing for the space.

The quality of materials and the proportions are also winners because they make them suitable for indoors too. In doing so they offer you two side benefits: First it means you can erase the style divide between your outdoor space and indoors. Second, it is a clever investment. You can change your mind, or your circumstances can change and you will no longer have an outdoor space, yet the designs will not be lost as you can successfully bring them in.