In 2010, we saw high bar tables appear in most premium brands collections. Far from being just thought of for their use for drinks, they are designed to create levels and sub spaces in even minute outdoor settings.

At Maison et Objet and at Spoga Gafa this September, Australian company Mamagreen came to the market with the opposite design!

Their tables are just slightly lower than a regular dinning set but higher than a coffee table. It’s one of those things you really need to experience for yourself. I will attempt a confused description of my own experience!

I got a feeling of “active relaxation.” Because of the unusual height, it’s not as formal as a regular table, yet you don’t feel as if you’re there just to chill as you would around a coffee table. This means you’ll actually use this set in quite a different way. It is great to sit and chat with coffee, work on, start your day and is comfortable enough to dine and stay put well after the meal.

The added bonus of Mamagreen’s design is that it is a very grainy wood providing a very pleasant sensation and the fact they work with sustainable processes. Mamagreen uses mainly environmentally-friendly materials like recycled teak wood from old construction sites. Combined with stainless steel and durable outdoor fabrics, Mamagreen’s products are a harmony of beauty and comfort.