Yesterday was a sad day for bloggers everywhere.

Some of you might be reading this post from Google Reader. As you’re probably already aware, Google will be discontinuing Google Reader as of July 1, 2013. While we’re saddened that this is happening, and extra sad because Google Reader’s engineers had chosen us as one of their Staff Picks back in 2008, we understand that the web is changing and we’re ready to change with it. However, if you’re not ready to say sayonara to your beloved RSS reader yet, there are some excellent alternatives and other ways that you can get your Design Milk fix every day.


You can use Feedly on your desktop or you can download the app for your iPhone/iPad or from Google Play. Use these instructions to import your Google Reader feeds into Feedly, or natively add Design Milk to Feedly by navigating to the Design section. Easy peasy!


You can follow us on Flipboard – just download the app for Apple or from Google Play. Use these instructions to migrate your Google Reader feeds into Flipboard. Or, natively add Design Milk to Flipboard by navigating to the Photos & Design section and you will see Design Milk. Super easy!

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