The Lexham bedside tables by Studio801 are a pair of privately commissioned bespoke objects, developed over six months of close consultation and tailored to reflect the clients interest in Op Art. The use of acute angles to form the legs creates a forced perspective from certain angles, while the digitally crafted inlay work creates the illusion that the flat tiered sections are warping.

Because they are fabricated from Corian, a CNC mill was able to be used on the horizontal surfaces to create spaces for the inlay of 137 pieces of thermochromic liquid crystal sheet, laser cut to size and shape.

As well as the optical effect of warping, the inlay work helps to create responsive surfaces through the use of thermochromic sheet. This temperature sensitive material goes through a color spectrum from deep red to dark blue to indicate temperature changes in the range of 29° to 34° and is triggered by direct sources like cups of tea, and indirect sources such as the ambient temperature.

Photos by Jo Russell Photography.