There’s something about snowy landscapes that really gets me…maybe is the fact that I’ve never seen snow in my life, but almost looks (to me at least) like something from Mars, only with a blue tint instead of red.

Then we have this white, modernist habitational slab, that seems to emerge from the snow that create the structures to hold the roof in place. The horizontal L-shape support bracket on the side of the house plays an architectural role, almost as though the house was alive and trying to raise itself from the white surroundings.All the usual suspects are here: ipe decking, ultra-white walls inside and out, ample footprint of glass and minimalistic furniture. I really like the three red pendants above the dining table. Designed by Damilano Studio.

horizontal space-6

horizontal space-7

horizontal space-5

horizontal space-4

horizontal space-2

horizontal space-3

Photography by Andrea Martiradonna.