The Palabritas Beach House by the Peruvian firm Metropolis focuses on ocean views with a modern, yet ’60s-inspired aesthetic. While the house’s main color is white, red accents are seen everywhere making a bold statement in contrast.

At first glance, the house appears to be a single story white box, although the entrance features an unusual gray, semi-circular wall next to the door.

One of the exterior sides has a concrete lattice panel that allows for light to pass through while still giving privacy.

Keep circling the house and you arrive at the small pool wrapped in the signature red colored tile. A curved, rectangular structure surrounds the pool almost framing the beach view when looking out or framing the house while looking in.

There’s actually a lower floor that you see once you reach the interior courtyard.

Inside you’ll find more red accents against a white backdrop.

You definitely get the feeling you might be in a Stanley Kubrick film and I love it!

Architects: Arch. Jose Orrego
Location: Palabritas Beach, Lima, Peru
Structural Engineers: Ing. Jorge Avendaño
Design Team: Arch. Anahi Bastian

Photos by Elsa Ramirez, courtesy of