Jurjen van Hulzen’s “It Hûske” family includes the Rocking House, the Phone Booth and the Mobile House. “It Hûske” is a mobile hiding place in which people can take a rest from work, thus being more productive during the day in the office.



“zjbtijbkbk” means ‘zet-je-boek-terug-in-je-boekenkast-boekenast’ or translated ‘put-your-book-back-in-it’s-place-in-your-bookshelf-bookshelf’


The soixante-neuf adopted it’s name from the way how the 6 and the 9 seize into each other. These two architectonic shapes are made of laminated wood.


The “Anti-lope” is a toy for adults. This project found its origin at the “workchair” above. This facilitates a more lively workplace where people can be mobile and “park” their work spaces where they wish.