Liesl Pfeffer sent over her fantastic photographic collages. Her most recent series is called Souvenir and it depicts imaginary foreign landscape, including mountain ranges, a fjord, and a frozen lake. She makes each collage by adding multiple layers of cut 6″ x 4″ photo prints.

In their original state, the photos were snapshots of suburban or rural Australia, such as expansive blue skies, trees and fields, ramshackle houses, fences and gardens. Liesl places each photograph together, playing with scale and context to create a totally fantastical landscape that appears similar to travel photographs.

From the artist:

The idea that photographs are accurate documents of our lives is a commonly held belief. For most people, their photographs become the primary reference point for past events. Our memories of travels are preserved forever in our photographs as the ultimate travel souvenir.

The collages in this body of work are souvenirs of imaginary places, made from snapshot photographs of everyday Australian life. By using actual photographs, I am exploiting the viewer’s natural response to assume that what they see in photographs is reality. What at first glance appears to be a mountain, is actually made up of fence posts and clouds. There is something clearly false and visually jarring in the image and through this disjunct I hope to play with the idea of truth in photography.

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