Inspiration for design can strike anywhere at any moment, even when it’s something you’ve walked past many times before. Such is the case for the LOOP table lamp designed by Timo Niskanen. Founder of HIMMEE in 2014, Niskanen was taking his dog for a walk when he noticed the loop obstacle in the snow on the mini golf course. With that, the basic form for the LOOP lamp was born.




Niskanen actually first premiered his modern lamp at the 2009 Milan Design Week. It was only recently that he was able to find a manufacturing technique that could take on the challenges of producing the curvy lamp.

LOOP’s distinctive feature is the LED light source placed on the upper side of the inner circle. An opal acrylic diffuser helps the lamp glow with a warm white light and the aluminum body also serves as a dimmer control.




To purchase, LOOP is available on preorder in black or white on HIMMEE now.