Swedish designer Johan Lindstén, of Lindstén Form, designed the beautiful Meltdown lamps which were inspired by something quite serious and sad. You may remember how these fixtures first stood out to us at Salone Satellite in 2012 and apparently they made an impression on Guilio Cappellini at the same time, quickly sweeping them up and realizing them as a Cappellini product. The striking glass shades were designed with the hopes of making something beautiful from the catastrophic nuclear accident in Fukushima, Japan.


The colorful spheres are hand blown into a mold with the shape referencing the meltdown process already started with the bulb beginning to melt through the bottom part of the glass.


The fixtures can be hung alone, in a linear fashion, or grouped together at random. They’re available in dove, pink, tobacco, light blue, amethyst, and amber.