Mikkeller, a Danish brewery, and design agency Femmes Regionales have collaborated to create a small and elegant-yet-casual place in the center of Copenhagen in Denmark for beer lovers to unite.

Beer drinking isn’t just for dark and dingy bars! At this Mikkeller Bar, the high quality of the beer is reflected in the carefully chosen surroundings.

Caroline Hansen, one of the founders of Femmes Regionales and her companion Mie Nielsen decided to go pub-crawling in the center of Copenhagen for inspiration and found the “contrast between the classical pub interior and something more modern really interesting,” and that this contrast was similar to the way that “Mikkeller has combined the old profession of brewing with more innovative and experimenting methods.”

Mixing wood tables and benches with shiny black tiles, gold knobs and lamps and floral tones, the result is a relaxed atmosphere that focuses on beverage enjoyment and fulfillment of the senses. Adding an element of whimsy are the hanging drawers on the walls acting like bar tables and decor, as well as the beer bottle vases.

Photos by Lars Engelgaar.