Located in Marrakesh, Morocco, the Fobe House is actually four buildings on property owned by a Belgium film producer that includes the private residence, guard house, pool house, and the garage. Designed by Guilhem Eustache, the stark white structures are quite a contrast against the desert landscape they sit on.

The front door is partially hidden when looking at the main residence straight on.

Situated behind cascading, overlapping walls, the door remains private as does a staircase that leads to the rooftop patio.

The buildings and the cut-outs in the walls create interesting shadows on the bare ground.

Using local materials and techniques they reduced the impact the build would have on the environment. They also planted over 500 trees on the property.

The rooftop terrace allows for viewing the Atlas mountains off in the distance.

The view from the pool house

Photos by Jean-Marie Monthiers.