Modern design has spread through home furnishings over time and over the last few years, planters are finally getting their dues. Landscape designer Shannon Lester started Steel Life and has come out with a line of bold and bright planters as part of The Desert Collection. The pieces are individually made using salvaged and upcycled metal.

The Shallow Root Vessel (first image also) eliminates the need for lots of soil and water due to its shallow depth, making it perfect for succulents.

I love that you don’t have to use them exclusively as planters – the various-sized Mod Dish designs (Mezzo Mod Dish above) are a great dish to hold fruit or any of your collections.

The Basin Mod Dish is large in size (16″ diameter x 5″ high) making ample space for an array of plants or fruit.

The Loft Mod Dish sports higher legs (7-1/4″ high) than the Basin version, but has the same 16″ diameter.

Check out the latest design, The Retro ‘Jack’ Planter, that is currently available via Kickstarter: