A renovation of an older building in the Italian town of Zanica, let Roberto Murgia Architetto to reimagine the facade of Art&Dil‘s headquarters into the three-dimensional focal point that it is today. The exterior is covered in partially perforated aluminum panels that are folded back onto itself giving it the appearance of gathered curtains.

The effect is almost Tetris-looking with blocks created from the perforated parts and being able to somewhat see through. From the inside, the openings allow light to flow in through the office windows, while giving the outside plenty of curb appeal.

They kept all of the walls and floors white on the inside, which keeps the spaces bright.

The same corrugated panels were used on the ceiling breaking up the white box effect of each room. It also hides the messy mechanical equipment that goes with most conference rooms.

Love the pops of red!

Photos by Giovanna Silva.