F.A.C.E is the brand new collection from Loophouse. An acronym for Fabricate, Adorn, Compose, Embellish, it demonstrates the endless possibilities of custom designed rugs. Each of the new designs has been inspired by well-loved existing patterns. In F.A.C.E, designer Lorraine Statham shares her personal affinity for the discipline of patch-working and its ability to tell a story. She celebrates its wonderful contrasts: defined yet random, logical yet jumbled in this latest collection of 100% wool hand-tufted rugs.

Whoops a Daisy
Peeking through a hexagonal grid, the Daisy Chain motif (from Woodland collection) randomly appears, enhancing the lattice work. Narrow multi-colored blocks of color are placed off center, allowing the majority of the background to work a subtle gradation movement from dark (at its most central point) to lighter tones on its edges.

Dash Away
Dash Away displays the varying line thicknesses of the Reflections design (from Odyssey collection), jumping across the rug in a linear and curvaceous manner. Held within columns, these individual lines offer structure within a hap-hazard take.

Soft Spot
In Soft Spot, the ordered squares constrain the jumbled circles of varying magnitude. Patch worked from one of the subtle layers of the Estella rug design (from Hidden collection), the Soft Spot design plays with subtle striation textures within its background surfaces.

Barking Mad
The inspiration for Barking Mad came from “Bark”, a design from the previous Woodland Collection. Against this backdrop, jagged bands appear to leap from the surface of the rug, hovering above the original intricate, sequential pattern of Bark, to create Barking Mad’s striking new look.

Darn Tootin’
The lace-like lattice pattern is drawn from “Havisham” from the previous Hidden Collection and has been re-worked with a play on scale. With considered proportions and expert techniques, one color has been used to transcend a tonal story across the surface of this most beautifully subtle bespoke rug.

Photos by James Gardiner.