Pallucco has introduced three new lights to their collection, Bucky, Foglie, and Tabard to be shown at the Milan International Furniture Fair in April.

Bucky, designed by the Spanish studio Lagranja, resembles a kite with the soft orange-yellow glow of a firefly. The rods are blown glass and suspended on cables like a tightrope. Bucky pays tribute to Richard Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller, architect, designer and thinker who was the first to experiment with geodesic domes and tensile structures, which have been used to create this lampshade.

The natural elegance of the branches of a tree provides the inspiration for the new family of lights called Foglie (“leaves” in English).

Available into three different versions: in the floor version, the stem of the light becomes the tree trunk and the branches are transformed into unusual minimal leaf-like appendages. In the wall light the branches are grafted onto the walls while the ceiling light has leaves hanging down, creating light and shade effects on the walls and surfaces below.

The inspiration for the Foglie design is a fractal: a geometrical shape which is repeated throughout its structure in different sizes. It reflects the principle of nature which determines growth: from simplicity to complexity.

Just as Sherlock Holmes is always portrayed with a charming little cloak, so too are the garments hanging on the coat hook protected by a stylish cloak. Tabard was designed by Denis Santachiara, and is inspired by the tabard, a long seamless overcoat which you wrapped around your body. But here the roles are inverted. While traditional coat hooks are covered by clothes, Tabard on the other hand covers the clothes, protecting them from dust, giving this object an original unusual look. Tabard is available into two versions: wall light or floor lamp, which are obtained by joining two cloaks together.