European brand Oli13 has recently taken their first step into the fashion industry as well as added to their home collection with these colorful gems. Showing brightly contrasting colors and clean lines, each item is also inspired by the designer’s memories of family.

Oli13 Brogues All

Brogues are their shoes that come in canvas and suede, and are made in honor of the designer’s grandfather. Each pair has a contrasting stripe running along the edges, adding an unexpectedly fun twist to a typically serious shoe. When making the Brogue, the designer used the shape of their favorite tree, the fig tree, for the perforated front.

Oli13 Brogues bottom

Brogue and fig tree

Oli13 Brogues field cargo

Oli13 Brogues Marciano

Oli13 Brogues

The Summer of 1980 box

Summer of 1980 is their minimal, two-toned t-shirt. It is handmade with a custom dye to match the colors of the Brogues. The design is based off of a gift that the designer’s grandparents brought back 30 years go. It comes in six different colors and is 100% cotton.

The Summer of 1980 He


They also launched LUIS, a bold wall organizer that was inspired by the designer’s playtime with family.