Lorraine Peltz will be exhibiting some of her new works beginning this week at Micaela Gallery. She is best known for her acrylic and oil paintings featuring ornate chandeliers on dark backgrounds that look like fireworks in the night sky.

From the release:

Peltz’s paintings are complex ruminations on the nature of private identity and public persona. Using imagery culled from both personal history and the contemporary moment  the current paintings include  the remembered image of a particular chandelier and through its simultaneous resolution and dissolution shift the focus to memory, which can be both melancholic and exuberant. Included also in the exhibition are paintings where she joins that image with patterned flowers, starbursts, and decorative flourishes to present the now – particularly in relationship to women and culture.

What: Lorraine Peltz New Works
When: March 2, 1010 – May 1, 2010
Where: Micaela Gallery, 49 Geary St. San Francisco, CA 94108