At this year’s 100% Design, Niche London introduced some new products to their line that include two series of tables and a bar stool.


Like other Niche London products, the Lewin Bar Stool has a geometrical and distinctive structure. The unique shape of the foot rest gives it a modern visual interest and also allows the stools to stack by sliding one on top of another from behind, making it easy to save space when used in public space. It kind of reminds me of a person’s stick legs from the side…


Geometric and versatile, the Arvo Coffee Table is visually unique with the twisted square shelf. It is also designed to offer versatility as the shelf can hold different types of materials, for example, stone, tiles or glass, to suit the style of a particular decor.



Commissioned by 100% Design, Niche London created this elegant poseur table for the stunning central bar area of the event. The On Reflection is designed to complement the spectacular light feature hanging from the ceiling. The mirror table tops will reflect the illumination above and the metal ‘ribbons’ of the base flow around one another without being entwined, echoing the fluid character of the chandelier above. It is also a visual metaphor of how the table is designed for people to convene in passing – no doubt it will play host to many stimulating conversations at the show. We’ll have to see if we spot any of these while we’re there.