Wall Flower No. 1, 2010, 6 ft diameter, cast aluminum with pigment

Norman Mooney will be showing his new Wall Flower sculptures. The yellow sculpture shown above consists of over 500 aluminum castings all projecting outward four feet off the wall. Another larger wall flower in crimson resin  having a diameter of 6-7 feet will also be a part of the exhibition. Also included will be the three final windseeds from a group of six are also cast in aluminum, but seem light enough to move in a breeze and have been likened to dandelion seeds.

Windseeds, 2009, 8 ft diameter each, cast aluminum

What: Norman Mooney Wall Flowers
When: March 18, 2010 – April 13, 2010
Where: Causey Contemporary, 92 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211