Studio Dass remembered the little ones in your life when they designed this nursery room inside Parque Principado, a shopping center in Oviedo, Spain.

Full of modern necessities and a touch of whimsy, this mall-based nursery gives parent’s a private place to change or feed their kids in a clean and comfortable environment.

There’s room for the older ones to play while the babies get their bums cleaned. It’s cozy with lots of wood surfaces and elements of nature.

The goal was to translate that special relationship between parent and child into design and here’s what the designers said about it:

The relation between parents and their children is a unique relationship of intimacy, love and trust. To transport these feelings into the design of this nursery room was the main objective in order to creating a cozy,cheerful and bright place.

The swooping white wall is made of Corian, as is the changing counter, making both easy to clean. It also adds a dynamic element to the space.