Objekt Incorporated is a London-based design firm run by brother and sister duo David and Samantha Stephenson specializing in bespoke and small-batch furniture production.

They take into consideration a product’s full life cycle, allowing for easy dis-assembly and reassembly. Using unique materials, they focus on the structure, material and purpose with an emphasis on new assembly and fastening solutions.

Bamboo Lounger
The Bamboo Lounger is borne out of an interest in using bamboo in its unprocessed state to produce a creative and contemporary application for this humble material. Bamboo rings are woven together to create an new, fabric-like material, which is attached to a steel frame using integrated bespoke steel components, resulting in a chair which has a feeling of structural lightness.

Baba Lounger
The Baba Lounger is created from a stainless steel frame and cylinders, fitted with individually upholstered cushions, this strikingly simple design requires no hand tools to assemble. Designed with commercial spaces in mind, this piece would also sit comfortably in a domestic environment.

Modulo Chest of Drawers
The Modulo drawer system is constructed from nickel plated steel tubing that slots together without any tools, creating the frame of the piece and housing the storage units. Modulo can be customized to any height as the simple design allows for any number of layers to be stacked one on top of the other. Each drawer is lined with brightly colored paint to give the piece a playful feel and the colors inside can be customized to suit any taste.