Odaiba is a hanging lamp from Modoloco Design made of bicolor methacrylate: black and white, red and white, or white and dark brown, produced by Danese Milano.

Odaiba is in line with Danese’s first traditional luminaries designed by Munari. The manufacturing process is simple. Its easy-to-disassemble make transport and stocking a cinch, and its assembly process is intuitive — the modules easily fit into on another.

From the designers:

Two identical but specular modules surround the electrical cables and they self-sustain by locking one into the other. The choice of bicolor methacrylate is induced by manufacturing, optical and also aesthetic reasons. The manufacturing steps are optimized. In fact, the only necessary procedures are the cut of the profiles and their folding. Shapes and dimensions are taken into account in order to reduce waste. The glossy white interior ensures an optimum reflection of the light and therefore a correct modulation of the luminous flux that doesn’t go wasted.

Odaiba is 100% eco-sustainable and not only in terms of manufacturing and transport. In fact, energy saving florescent bulbs are used. The intrinsic properties of the only material used make of it a long lasting product whose disposal is convenient.