Knitting isn’t known for being the trendiest activity, but now textile designer Moriel Dezaldeti has completely revamped our view of it. By developing a new technique that combines textile knitting and weaving, Dezaldeti has created an array of unique textures unlike any other.

Moriel Dezaldeti Organ-1

Organs is her collection that starts off looking at the material world, examining body movement and drawing parallels to the flow of textiles. Then, she looks inward inside the human body continuing the comparisons to create these works. All of them were completed using a manual knitting machine.

Moriel Dezaldeti Organ-4

For more information, you can contact her directly [email protected]

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Moriel Dezaldeti Organ-3

Moriel Dezaldeti Organ-10

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Moriel Dezaldeti Organ-12

Contact her [email protected]