Inspired by African cultural masks, Lisette Appeldorn has created a masked tribe of her own, named Raster.

MSK 9-Lisette Appeldorn

MSK 6-Lisette Appeldorn

By using new methods of construction, Lisette applies different folding techniques to create these geometric facades made out of thin plywood. Their minimal lines and sharp edges are very origami-like, and create a futuristic appearance versus more traditional masks.

MSK 7-Lisette Appeldorn

Raster is Lisette’s method of illustrating the connection between humans and animals, where each mask has its own meaning and shape. Together, the masks create a surreal army of caricatures, compelling the viewers to look.

MSK 5-Lisette Appeldorn

MSK 4-Lisette Appeldorn

MSK 3-Lisette Appeldorn

MSK 2-Lisette Appeldorn

MSK 1-Lisette Appeldorn